Q + A with Kayla Arroy

Kayla Arroy is an abstract artist living in Georgetown, Colorado. Kayla uses her philosophical beliefs as a driving force for her creativity as well as the environment that inspires her. For Kayla, art has been a door to the inner spirit.

My work often has a vulnerability to it and acrylic can illustrate that without it being too emotional.
— Kayla Arroy

1. Your style of art is so unique! How did you approach this style, and where do you think you fall under in terms of style/era? 

The style kind of found me! I actually started with photography. I enjoyed shooting minimal landscapes and playing with color to create what I like to call “dreamscapes.” When I got the urge to dive into art, they were the first images in my head and I just went with it. If I fall under any style, I’d say it’s a mix between post-minimalism and modernism. 

2. What are some of your favorite mediums to use and why?

Right now, I really enjoy satin acrylic, although I started my art journey with chalk pastels. Both of these mediums are so different from each other - chalk pastels translate a softness and texture through the work, while acrylic is vibrant and tends to be a bit hard, which is an interesting dichotomy when one looks at the work as a whole. My work often has a vulnerability to it and acrylic can illustrate that without it being too emotional. 


3. What is your creative process? How do you begin a painting?

My creative process is very similar to a meditation session. I begin with sitting with the colors, choosing what feels right in that moment and then building the piece with each. Sometimes I might have an idea of what I’d like to illustrate, but mostly it’s an intuitive process and I never really know what I’m going to end up with in the end. It’s an exciting way to connect with the world inside of me. 

4. When did you start painting?

I’ve been painting since I was a babe off and on throughout the years. It was 2 years ago though that I really started giving time and energy to art and reconnecting with that part of myself.  


5. What has been working for you lately with your small business?

I think the most important thing I’ve been doing with my business recently is being consistent and sharing more of who I am with my audience.

6. What's your business mantra?

“Create and cultivate”

One thing that’s important to me is the cultivation of positive relationships with my audience as well as with fellow artists. Especially on social media, I think it’s necessary to spend time connecting with those who enjoy and support my work as those relationships help build a network in which my (and other artists’) business can thrive. And of course, creation for the sake of creation - utilizing my hands, my heart, and my mind for the purpose of sharing who I am with the world. 


7. What's next for you in 2018?

I have my first showcase in a little over a month! That’s a big one, as it’ll be my first time showing my work in real life to the public.  I’m also beginning a new project right now, one that I’ve wanted to pursue for awhile, and that is an intuitive card deck. Other than that, just continuing to share and grow my voice as an artist. It’s a journey that I’m thankful to be on. 

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