Q + A with Hannah Guthrie

Hannah Guthrie is a master in many areas of art such as printmaking, painting, jewelry, and illustration. She's a true Renaissance woman! Here is an in-depth look at Hannah and her studio located in Winnipeg.

It was acrylic painting that first got me taking art seriously. It helped me discover art as a form of therapy and way of life.
— Hannah Guthrie

1. You seem to be a master in many areas of art - printmaking, jewelry, painting, drawing, and crafting. Which medium is your favorite to work with and why?

I am hard pressed to say a favourite medium! I think above all else, printmaking would be my biggest obsession. In university, I majored in and fell in love with all the different processes and techniques. 

My grandmother was a watercolorist and so I find myself drawn to it more and more these days.

It was acrylic painting that first got me taking art seriously. It helped me discover art as a form of therapy and way of life.

When I first started making jewelry and clothing is when I started thinking about selling creations as a living!

Every medium has been a large part of my life really.

2. You also create pieces in a wide range of subjects. Which do you find to be the most inspirational to you? Which subject is the most reflective of you as an artist?

It's a bit hard to describe but my subject matter (when I get to choose what to make instead of commission work) coincides with what and how my life is going at that time. I am drawn to architecture when life gets a bit too chaotic. The way I use cross hatching is very orderly. I find using it calming.

Portraits were my first focus. I practiced them over and over again until I excelled at it. I rarely get to do them anymore because they are personal and time consuming but when I do, it is always a treasure.

Anything nature related is always my go to. It's a constant in my life as well as my art and it always puts me at ease.


3. Who are some of your favorite artists who are reflected within your work?

Francisco Goya has always been a favourite of mine. His etchings are what helped me fall in love with printmaking, and his light theory in paintings inspired me to use contrast in everything.

Douglas Coupland is also a major inspiration in that he helped me try new things in a modern way.

4. What struggles do you face as an artist?

The biggest struggle I find is the ever-raging battle between personal work and commissions. You want to be successful but still be able to do it for enjoyment. The business side of things can sometimes take the joy out of the process.

5. What's next for you in 2018?

I am in a couple of local markets this year that I am so excited to be apart of! I am entering markets now spelt as an artist and making reproductions of my work. These markets will enable me to reach a wider audience in person, as well as on my Etsy page and website.

In addition, I hope to find the time to create a portrait series!


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