Q + A with Michelle Brunner

Michelle Brunner is a dedicated teacher and painter from Perrysburg, Ohio. Painting mostly landscapes around Lake Erie, her goal is to bring joy and solitude to her audience with her calming artwork. 

I have found that when inspiration is lacking, to just keep showing up to the process and the inspiration will come.
— Michelle Brunner

1. You've been teaching art for over a decade. How do you think this has affected your personal work?

I feel that working with my students has improved my personal artwork just because I am practicing the art right along with my students. I also have to personally know about particular art techniques so that I can teach it to my students, so that is a constant reminder for when I'm creating my own art. When you have to teach something it forces you to become better because you must research and practice before you introduce the concept to students.  I am also inspired by my students.  They are so talented!

2. Your artistic goal is to have the viewer experience joy. What is your creative process to make sure this goal comes to life?

I paint subjects that I personally love and feel joy at when I look and experience them.  I am always really enjoying myself when I am painting my canvases. The subjects are mostly flowers from my family’s cottage garden or I paint life along the Lake Erie islands.  I try to showcase this joy through color choices and brushstrokes that convey a light and airy feel.  


3. What struggles do you face as an artist?

Just the basic struggles, finding time and creative roadblocks that like to show up every now and then.  I have found that when inspiration is lacking to just keep showing up to the process and the inspiration will come.  

4. What's next for you in 2018?

I am starting my 15th year of teaching high school art this fall and I plan on continuing my 365 days of art sketchbooks.   I paint something everyday for at least 15 minutes or more and it is fun to see how my paintings evolve over the year.  This is my second year doing this and I plan on doing a third year for 2019.

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