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Is Etsy working for you?

With millions of Creatives selling their work through Etsy, it is a platform where you can find everything under the sun. I recently watched an episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory purchased a Pan Am bag. I thought, That's so cool! I can't find anything like that. Then I decided to browse Etsy and low and behold, there were several Pan Am handmade products to choose from. Do you want a movie poster but not the typical movie poster you could find in a store? Etsy has movie posters illustrated by artists that are one of kind and unique. 

Like this Jaws poster illustrated by LawandMoore:


Just like Instagram, due to the high volume of handmade artists and consumers, we asked our artists how successful they have been when selling through Etsy.

Neha Agarwal has been on Etsy for a year and half, and although she hasn't made a lot of sales, she was at her busiest around the holidays. As someone who works a full-time job, she doesn't find herself depending on the sales coming in through Etsy, so at the moment, this platform works for her. 

The upside to Etsy is that it doesn't cost you a fortune. Each published post is twenty cents every three months. Neha has tried other platforms such as Amazon Handmade. While it is free, Amazon takes a 15% commission, which can be a struggle when trying to sell your own work. She also hasn't sold 1/3 on Amazon compared to what she's sold on Etsy. 

Stephanie Kirkland says: "I use Etsy for the ease of setting it up and security protection, but I'd like to switch to something more branded and long term like Shopify or Big Cartel." Stephanie stresses that using keywords to maximize SEO and drive traffic through your own promotional efforts is important. 

In my personal experience, I have not sold a painting through Etsy. Each sale I've made has been through word of mouth or social media. Back in December, I posted on Instagram an image of three paintings I wanted to sell before I moved. By the end of the day, I had sold all three. I typically have customers message me on Instagram inquiring about a painting and pricing. While I haven't sold on Etsy yet, I have high hopes. Some customers have favorited my shop and products, so I know it's only a matter of time before I receive a sale. 

We believe that with the right promotion, and the right traffic, Etsy could work for you. Especially with the affordable pricing to post your products, it's worth a shot.  

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