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It's paint o'clock!

We've all heard that phrase: "Don't quit your day job." I've heard this from my art teachers and my creative writing teachers. Being an artist doesn't guarantee a steady income, therefore we've always been told to keep a day job. But how do you make time for your art? 

This has been a struggle for Rachel Mammone lately, so we discussed the best tactics to tackle time management. Unfortunately, we don't have straight answers for you because everyone works at a different pace. For instance, I work much better when my life is chaotic and busy. When I have too much down time, I put things off, like painting. 

Ellie Contreras commits her weekends to painting. Her week is filled with responding to clients by email, taking care of her family, and accepting freelance work. "I’m not very good at saying no to extra work. I’ve decided I need to be a lot stricter about when I’m working and when I’m not," says Ellie.

Liv Antonecchia sets strict studio hours every week. She feels this is the best way to maximize her work week while juggling her family. It's sometimes best to just take one step at a time. 

Our best piece of advice...

Buy a daily planner! I have a small obsession with daily planners and I find it incredibly difficult to find the "perfect" one. I still run off to Target to buy my pens, highlighters, markers, and notebooks as if I'm preparing for the new school year. Since starting this collective, I've now been aware of buying from small businesses instead. So here are some wonderful daily planners to check out!

Golden Coil



Image by @misfit.plans

Copper Paper Co.




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