Q + A with Kelly Aiken

Kelly Aiken resides in North Carolina where she paints full-time and teaches gold leaf techniques at SkillPop Charlotte. She's gained experience as an Assistant Creative Director at The Paint Bar in Boston as well an E-Interior Designer. 

Inspiration for my art comes from my surroundings and physical connections...
— Kelly Aiken

1.) What inspires you to create such abstract pieces? Do you use a reference of any kind?

Inspiration for my art comes from my surroundings and physical connections - my daughter, family, friends and nature. This brings my emotional responses to these elements together in an art piece. I do not use reference unless I am working on a commissioned piece. 

2.) Abstract paintings have that feeling as if they can go on forever. When do you feel a painting is finished?

Abstract art is a style art that has a hard stopping point, but my final layer of gold metal leafing adds that perfect final touch to each piece!


3.) Who are some of your favorite artists?

I have so many favorite artists, but Allie Dattilio uses gold leafing in a way I don’t! She adds the metal leafing as layer one in her art pieces, allowing more control and precise clean lines with the gold. 

4.) Your daughter looks like she loves to hang in your studio! Is there a little Copeley touch to these paintings?

Yes, Copeley has probably helped a tiny bit on each piece I’ve completed in 2018! Now that she is almost 2, her curiosity has her running to my paints and canvases every chance she can! I have her in the studio constantly, always trying to encourage her creativity.

5.) What is next for you in 2018?

I have so many exciting things in store! I will be teaching classes throughout the year at SkillPop, a Charlotte based company that provides pop up class lessons. I also am signed with Curated American Artists, helping artists get their art into retail stores across the country. And of course, being a part of an amazing female artist collective, Hope and Easel!

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