Taylor's Question of the Week

Canvas 101

What happens when you gesso over an old painting, but there are still gloppy bumps you can’t get rid of? The idea of sanding it down may come to mind, depending on how big the bump is.

Bri Custer says, “I would avoid going straight to sanding because it could get gummed up or you risk breathing in the paint dust.” When using oil paint, Bri uses her palette knife to scrape down the gobs on her canvas. 

When researching on other platforms about suggestions, others suggest simply removing the existing canvas that is stapled and replacing it with a new one. They say that it will be the same amount of effort as sanding. If you do try sanding, there is a chance of ruining the weave on the canvas.

If the previous painting was acrylic, re-priming should be fine, as the paint dries quickly. However, if the old painting is in oil, there’s a chance the old paint can bleed through the gesso. 

Others have suggested using the bumps as a platform for a great future painting. I know I have personally done this before. The bumps can add texture to certain areas. As you can see below, Paige Smith painted over an oldie just the other day!

Are there any artists out there who have suggestions for Taylor Lee? Comment below! 

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