Q + A with Lindsey Tucker

Lindsey Tucker is a landscape artist focusing on her love of nature by camping, practicing yoga, and hiking. She wishes to give each home a sense of peace and calm through her work.

Be here now.
— Lindsey Luna Tucker

1. Your work is inspired by the nature around you. Where has been your most inspirational place and why?

The most inspirational place I've been was during a four-week long residency in Norway. I had visited Norway once before my residency there and knew I needed to go back for an extended period. I spent those weeks on an island in the arctic circle. I was with a few other artists, but I mostly spent the time alone just soaking in the landscape. It was the most inspirational for me because I was able to really immerse myself in the landscape for an extended period of time. It was unlike any other experience and is something I plan to do again in the future. In a different place this time :)

2. What is your business mantra?

\\ Be Here Now //

3. What has been working for you lately?

Following my gut, that always what works for me. I was feeling really stuck in my life, which translated to my art, so I decided to paint a small collection of donut paintings from life. It was a fun reprieve from my usual paintings and it made me miss my landscapes which then made me want to get back to them. I think it's important as artists to be in tune with ourselves. The best painting comes when we aren't forcing it and just follow what our intuition tells us. 


4. What do you struggle with the most when it comes to your art?

The most difficult part about my art is the business side. I generally have a bit of business savvy in my blood but I'm still more comfortable making art than I am promoting my own art. I've ultimately been able to come to a place where I know and see the good that my art can bring to people in their daily lives. I let that be my motivating factor, especially when I try things business-wise that fail or fall short. And sometimes the struggle is just to keep producing even when there isn't a lot of positive feedback with sales, commissions, etc. 

5. What's next for you in 2018?

I am launching my first collection to the public for purchase later this fall! At the moment I am finalizing a theme and planning what exactly I will be painting for that collection. In some ways, this is a new way of working for me so I'm excited to see where it goes.

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