Q + A with Liv Antonecchia

Liv Antonecchia is a ceramic artist based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Her work has appeared at The Vendue Hotel's exhibit Recipe, as well as the Millery Gallery in downtown Charleston. 

I intended to focus on metals and jewelry. As chance would have it, those classes were full so I took ceramics hand building and I’ve never looked back!
— Liv Antonecchia

1. How did you get into ceramics?

I got started in ceramics while enrolled in the Fine Arts program at Virginia Commonwealth University. After deciding to be a Craft/ Material Studies major, I intended to focus on metals and jewelry. As chance would have it, those classes were full so I took ceramics hand building and I've never looked back!  

2. You seem to specialize in donuts and they look delicious! Why have you chosen donuts as your creative muse?

For the past fifteen years I have mainly produced and sold functional wheel thrown ceramics. It wasn't until Sarah Miller, of the fabulous Miller Gallery in Charleston, requested ceramic donuts that I started making them. I knew artists have done them before, but having never thought about how I would make one I decided to take on the challenge. I have enjoyed hand building donuts out of stoneware clay and the freedom of creating each one differently with slips and glazes.  

3. What kind of struggles do you face and how do you deal with them?

The challenge with the donuts is to keep the color combinations and the textures unique and fresh. Also, as with anything made in clay, cracking during drying and firing is also a challenge.


4. What is your creative process?

My process usually involves an idea in my head (no surprise) and sketching out some options. This includes color and how I would build or throw the piece. For the donuts I roll out slabs of clay (stoneware clay) and build sides and attach a piece for the top so that it is hollow. I smooth down the clay seams and make sure no cracks appear.  Depending on the design I layer slip (clay and water mixture) or pipe the slip from piping tips and bags. The decorations for the donuts are done very much like how you decorate cakes using piping bags with pastry tips.

5. What's next for you in 2018?

Goals for next year are re-doing my website to start with. I have future project ideas inspired by the donut process which I am very anxious to begin. Stay tuned!  

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