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How do you get your work in front of collectors?

Stephanie Kirkland

Stephanie Kirkland

We've all been wondering this question. I once read an article that stated all of the things you shouldn't do. 

Do not call.

Do not show up unannounced. 

Do not send your work in via mail.

Do not email. 

So, what's left? The biggest takeaway from this list of don'ts is that collectors are busy people. They are running the show. Doing all of these things on this list may annoy them, or take them away from something important which, in the end, will annoy them again. It makes sense that you can send as many emails as you'd like, but the chances you will receive a response are slim.

I knew that I needed to start small, so I ran to The Art Guide. This website contains a "Call for Artists" which will announce submissions for various galleries, private exhibitions, and magazines around the world. 

Some examples of upcoming announcements that will be closing soon:

Call For Submissions: Inspired by Water - Thomases Family Endowment Art Gallery in Youngstown, Ohio

Urban Landscapes - J. Mane Gallery in Voorhees, New Jersey

A Sense of Place: Land, Sky, and Sea - West Hartford Art League in West Hartford, Connecticut

Please take note that some submissions are free and some have an entry fee. I have found this to be the most useful source in searching for opportunities. 

Spending time searching for the nearest galleries close to you can be beneficial as well. Many galleries will have information on submissions and if they are currently taking any at the moment. I think my biggest piece of advice for emerging artists is to find opportunities with collectors who are also on the search for new talent. 

Nikki Cade has some advice for you artists as well! "Joining collectives like this to cross promote is one way. Participating in local pop-ups with retailers or live painting events is helpful. Attending shows and classes is a great way to meet potential clients," says Nikki. 

Nikki also has a resourceful guide full of tips and tools to help artists and creatives! For more information, send Nikki an email at!

Tell us your experiences with collectors! We'd love to hear more. 

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