Ashley's Question of the Week

So, you're a full-time artist, huh?

Ashley Provencher would like to know how you decided that it was time to become a full-time artist. The journey to becoming a full-time artist is different for everyone. Taking the plunge and committing everyday to your creativity takes a lot of effort, willpower, and organization. Many of the artists with Hope + Easel had their own experiences with becoming a full-time artist.


Audrey Hood says, "I just left my full-time job as a teacher on June 1st. I just knew it was time. It’s been intimidating for sure, but I’m working hard and growing a lot both personally and professionally. I have two young girls (ages 4.5 and 2.5), so my entire family is really benefiting from my new schedule now that I make my own."

It's hard to say for sure when it's the right time to devote your career to your art. You have to know the moment when you meet it. For Piya Samant, that moment began when she was receiving commissions she could no longer keep up with along with her full-time tech job. "I discussed it with my family, reviewed finances and how it impacted the combined annual income, tax deductions and after school care (no longer needed) for the kids etc. Then I made the leap and started it off as a sabbatical from work and then kept extending it. This is my 4th year as a full-time artist," says Piya. 

Some of us, however, are still working out a strategy exit plan. In my personal opinion, I like balancing both jobs at the same time. I recently spent four months in England with my fiancé, who was a huge support system during that time. I decided to take up the opportunity and paint full-time. I still found myself slacking due to lack of motivation. I enjoy working and conversing with other people daily. It makes me appreciate the time I have to create art and brainstorm future ideas. 

It all comes down to how you view your day-to-day activities. Do you like working with a time crunch? Do you like to devote hours each day to your creative process? Do you have a healthy and loving support system? There are so many questions to ask yourself before making the career change. Always remember that each artist deals with their own personal situation differently. 

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