Piya's Question of the Month

How do you stay connected with your collectors? 

It is very important to keep your past collectors/customers up-to-date on new work. They spent their hard earned money on your passion! It is challenging to receive new customers because art is so subjective, and your style may not cater to everyone’s tastes. When you’re competing against major retail stores such as Target and Ethan Allen (where you can buy a big canvas print for $30 as opposed to buying an original from a local artist that will cost much more), it’s important to stay in contact with the customers who appreciate local businesses and art in general. So what’s the best way to accomplish this?

For me personally, I text! I have one customer who has bought several of my originals. I’ve always worked closely with her to make sure that my art was affordable for her, especially since she appreciated my work so much! Any time I am overloaded with paintings, and I’d like to sell them at a discounted price, I shoot her a text to let her know. She always appreciates it, and there’s a good chance she will buy something! Plus, I’m very lenient on paying in installments. As long as I know my work is in good hands, I always find a way to make it the most convenient for my customers. If you’re not on texting terms with your collectors, here are some other ways! 


This is great way to keep your viewers up-to-date, whether it’s each week, each month, or each year! I find mailchimp to be the easiest to navigate, and it’s free to use. They have many styles, fonts, and effects you can use to make your newsletter pop! 


P R I V A T E  E M A I L

If you’d like it to be more personal, shoot a detailed email with some images of your work! I find this approach to be better than, perhaps, calling. It doesn’t put the customer on the spot, and they are able to respectively decline if they wish without interrupting their busy day. 

S O C I A L  M E D I A

If they have social media like Facebook or Instagram, tell them to connect with you through there! That way they can see your journey over time and contact you when they spot something they love. 

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