Q + A with Audrey Hood

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Audrey Hood worked in interior design before embarking on her journey as a full-time artist. She embraces her relationships with her clients to make their design space special. She worked in a variety of mediums, focusing on vivid colors and textures.

“Create a life you love” is not just my business mantra, but also what I live by each day.
— Audrey Hood

1. How has your work as an interior designer affected your art and creativity?

I’m blessed to live each day at the intersection of art and interior design; my business is half creating art and half creating beautiful spaces for my clients. Your home isn’t just the place you sleep and keep your stuff—it’s your sanctuary, and the space should communicate who you are as a person and as a family. In the same way, all artwork is a form of communication and connection. My artwork reflects who I am and what I’m feeling in that particular moment in time. The work I do with my interior design clients gives me the unique insight to use my own art to connect with others.

2. What is your favorite subject matter to paint?

Because I paint in different mediums - oil, acrylic, and watercolor - I have different favorite subjects depending on what material I’m using. With oil and acrylic, I love painting florals and abstract pieces; I absolutely love texture, and there’s nothing like the look and feel of oils or heavy-body acrylic paint. When using watercolor, I love painting landscapes because I love using white space to create interest and depth in a unique way. You can only achieve that with watercolor.


3. Tell us your business mantra!

“Create a life you love” is not just my business mantra, but also what I live by each day. My dad died unexpectedly almost 4 years ago, and that sent both my husband and me through a journey of self-analysis. We realized that life is so short, and we have the unique opportunity each day to live genuinely and to love our lives. This led to major career and life changes for both of us, as well as a slower and more intentional pace of life. It’s been wonderful for our family.

4. What do you struggle with the most as an artist?

I’m a wife and mom of two young girls, so my greatest struggle right now is finding large pockets of time to dedicate to creating. My studio is the brightest and most colorful room in our home, and my daughters love art just as much as I do. So when they’re home from preschool and I’m painting, they love to “help” - which has led to a few mishaps in the studio. I have a tendency to get in the zone while I’m painting and I forget about everything else, which is hard to do when you have two little people! Thankfully we have a wonderful nanny, and my husband is great at distracting them, too. 


5. What’s next for you in 2018?

I donate approximately 25 paintings a year to various nonprofit organizations, and with the holidays coming up I’ve got a lot of pieces to create for fundraising events. I’m currently wrapping up a few commissioned pieces, and in a few weeks I'm starting a large kitchen renovation for a client. I take weekly painting classes from two of my favorite artists - Andy Braitman and Allison Chambers - and I’m excited to continue learning from these amazing mentors. I’m looking at the rest of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 as a period of growth for both my business and myself. 

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