Kayla Arroy



Kayla Arroy is a self-taught artist newly transplanted into the mountains of Colorado. An exclusively acrylic painter, her palette weaves its way from muted hues to vibrant colors, often exploring how each shifts and changes when placed next to another. Kayla’s work is intuitive in nature, an attempt to translate complex emotions, thoughts, and meditations into minimalist and simplistic representations. Each piece is seen as a meditation in and of themselves, asking the viewer to simply “be” with the art,  rather than analyzing it. She uses shapes and colors as a language of their own, with nods to landscape running throughout. Kayla has come to find a relationship between both the outer landscape and the inner landscape. She believes that the environment we find ourselves in has much to teach and reflect back to us. The desert teaches the importance of resourcefulness and solitude, mountains inspire a sense of humility, and bodies of water – a cleansing and letting go. Much of the inspiration that is behind her art is intensely spiritual and incredibly personal, which is why she believes art to be a gateway into the depths of our most raw and authentic selves. Though she has freshly stepped into the world as an artist, she enjoys the process of finding her voice and the growth – both creatively and personally – that comes from sharing herself through her work.

Instagram: @laeudaimoniaart