Sharifa Callender

Photo - Sharifa.jpg


Sharifa Callender is an abstract, mixed media artist from Houston, Texas. She has loved art since childhood, but it was only two years ago that she began painting seriously. At that time, she was searching for a new outlet to express her creativity. One Labor Day weekend, she decided to give abstract painting a try and was instantly hooked! 

When she paints, she feels at peace and experiences a great deal of clarity. She doesn't have to worry about drawing straight lines, correctly shading objects, or even knowing what to paint. She can just create! Abstract painting is such a freeing process that she recognizes it as a unique way to worship God.

Because He blessed me with this gift, every brush stroke of paint glorifies Him. The light of Christ (Matthew 5:14-16) and femininity are reoccurring themes in my artwork. I explore them by using playful vibrant colors, bold textures, and, glitter (my favorite!). Through my artwork, I hope to brighten spaces with Jesus’ love, serenity, and joy. 

Instagram: @sharifacreates